Nitech 77205-LPVM Stretch Wrapper

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Turn-n-Wrap semi-automatic low-profile stretch wrapper.


Load height and turntable positioning sensors. Diagnostic control panel lights. 58″ diameter x 3/8″ thick steel diamond deck. 5,000 lb. load capacity. 3 5/8″ table height. 4 point cam follower turntable supports. Easy access lubrication points on turntable. Heavy-duty #50 roller chain and drive sprocket. Variable speed turntable from 0-15 rpm w/Soft start and soft stop. 3/4 hp DC motor. All motors TEFC. Synthetic lube in all gear boxes. Power req: 120 VAC. 76″ wrap height. Quick-load film dispenser carriage with top delay and auto stop. 1/4 hp DC dispenser motor. UHMW dispenser slide buttons. Accepts 12″- 20″ rolls of stretch film. Stretch Level 30% – 250% force to load. Forklift portable from front and rear. Machine dimensions 103″ long x 58″ wide x 83″ high. 3 year limited warranty. Shipping weight: 1,185 lb.

BCU’s pallet stretch wrapper products are divided into two categories, high profile and low profile.  You will want to assess your specific stretch wrapper equipment needs before making a decision as to which class of rotary stretch wrapper is best for you.

The high profile pallet wrap machine has a 14.5″ deck height and generally requires a forklift for loading and unloading.  These rotary stretch wrapper machines are versatile enough to handle both small and large load pallets.
Low profile stretch wrappers have a 2-3″ deck and are accessible with either a forklift or a pallet-jack when using the optional ramp.  Low-profile stretch wrapper equipment is perfect for smaller, lighter loads, or for extremely dense loads that require shorter stacking.

Each pallet wrapping machine is built using structural steel throughout, for safety and robustness when applying pallet wrapper film to loads that weigh up to 5,000 lb.  Our pallet wrapping machine selection is designed for longevity and reliability.  As your plastic packaging partners, BCU is proud to offer the best in truly versatile and innovative pallet wrappers.

Weight 1185 lbs

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