Commercial Vacuum Bags & Tubing

All of our commercial vacuum bags are made for commercial vacuum sealers- chamber and retractable-nozzle sealers (not external clamp sealers).

We carry standard 3 mil vacuum pouches which are great general purpose bags, as well as more heavy duty 4 mil and high barrier bags, boilable pouches, and our very popular 3 mil pouches with zippers for tamper evident packaging.

We can make almost any size bag in a custom size; please call us at 800-753-5178 for a quote. All of our commercial vacuum pouches are manufactured in North America. All meet FDA/USDA requirements and are BPA-free.

Important: If you are using a PRO-series vacuum sealer- that is, the PRO-1100, 2100, 2300, or 3000- then these are NOT the bags for you. These bags will not work in the PRO sealers, the Food Saver vacuum sealers or any other external clamp pouch vacuum sealer because they require textured or “embossed” material to allow air to be pulled out of the bag. We have a great selection of these bags in “Textured Channel Bags and Rolls”

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