WN Sealers

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The WN Series Long Hand Sealers are available in range of sealing lengths and are steel constructed for quality and durability.  They are easy to operate – just set the timer, insert the bag between the sealing bar and press down on the seal bar.  Wait a couple of seconds before releasing the seal bar to give the seal time to cool.


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WN Sealers - WN-500H-220V 20in 2.7mm
WN Sealers - WN-650H 26in 2.7mm
WN Sealers - WN-650H-220V 26in 2.7mm
WN Sealers - WN-750H 30in 2.7mm
WN Sealers - WN-7510H 30in 10 mm seal
WN Sealers - WN-1000H 40in 2.7mm

Long Hand Impulse Sealers
W Series Long Hand Sealers Spec Sheet

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WN-500H-220V 20in 2.7mm, WN-650H 26in 2.7mm, WN-650H-220V 26in 2.7mm, WN-750H 30in 2.7mm, WN-7510H 30in 10 mm seal, WN-1000H 40in 2.7mm, WN-1500H 59in 2.7mm

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