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Commercial Vacuum Bags & Tubing

All of our commercial vacuum bags are made for commercial vacuum sealers- chamber and retractable-nozzle sealers (not external clamp sealers).

We carry standard 3 mil vacuum pouches which are great general purpose bags, as well as more heavy duty 4 mil and high barrier bags, boilable pouches, and our very popular 3 mil pouches with zippers for tamper evident packaging.

We can make almost any size bag in a custom size; please call us at 800-753-5178 for a quote. All of our commercial vacuum pouches are manufactured in North America. All meet FDA/USDA requirements and are BPA-free.

Important: If you are using a PRO-series vacuum sealer- that is, the PRO-1100, 2100, 2300, or 3000- then these are NOT the bags for you. These bags will not work in the PRO sealers, the Food Saver vacuum sealers or any other external clamp pouch vacuum sealer because they require textured or "embossed" material to allow air to be pulled out of the bag. We have a great selection of these bags in "Textured Channel Bags and Rolls"

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  • 3 mil

    3 mil

    These vacuum pouches are great for general purpose vacuum applications. They are made of 3.0 mil nylon/polyethylene coextrusion. You will find a large selection of sizes below. For other sizes, please call us for a quote- minimum quantity requirements will apply. Our number is 800-753-5178.

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  • 4 mil

    4 mil

    Our 4 mil nylon/poly pouches are great for meats like pork chops, T-bone steaks, and other sharp objects that may poke through a 3 mil bag. 

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  • Zip Vak Reclosable

    Zip Vak Reclosable

    These bags load from the bottom and have a zipper and tear strip for a tamper evident packaging solution. They also feature a hang hole. The composition of this bag is the same as our 3 mil bags: nylon/polyethylene coextrusion.

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  • Boilable


    These 3 mil vacuum bags are suitable for microwave or boiling applications up to 100°C (212°F).

    They are made of 0.8 mil nylon /2.4 mil linear low density polyethylene.

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  • 3 Mil High Barrier

    3 Mil High Barrier

    Composition: 3 mil nylon / EVOH / polyethylene

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  • Vacuum Tubing

    Vacuum Tubing

    The advantage of using tubing- you can make any size bag you want!

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  • GOLD Metallic Vacuum Bags -  Prices Cut!

    GOLD Metallic Vacuum Bags - Prices Cut!

    Gold Metallic Vacuum Pouches

    Clear on one side Gold metallic on the other side

    500 bags per case

    All sizes ON SALE!

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  • Jerky Pouches

    Jerky Pouches

    Available in black, red and yellow, these 4.5 mil bags are have a clear window on the front for easy viewing. They have a tamper-evident tear notch and reclosable zipper. Great for packaging jerky!






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  • 8 Item(s)