Foil with Valve Stand Up Pouches

These pouches have a degassing valve. They are perfect for coffee packaging. Freshly roasted coffee releases gas for 7 days. These one-way valves help release the gas while preventing air from getting in, for optimal freshness.
These foil stand up pouches come with a zipper and tear notch. They are available in a wide range of color choices- even one-side clear options for easy viewing of your product.
Color Foil: PET/FOIL/LLDPE- 5.4 mil
Kraft Paper: KRAFT/FOIL/LLDPE- 5.6 mil
Two- Sided: Poly side: PET/LLDPE- 5.2 mil, Foil side: PET/FOIL/LLDPE- 5.4 mil

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