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Heat Guns

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  • HG-501A Master Heat Gun

    HG-501A Master Heat Gun

    The HG-501A Master Heat Gun can be used to shrink tubing and packaging, bending plastics, cure adhesives, dry and heat parts, strip paint defrost frozen pipes and more
    High air flow rating: 23CFM at 3000 FPM gets the job done fast

         Powerful high speed universal motor
         Sturdy die cast aluminum housing is rugged and lightweight
         Three position "OFF-COLD-HOT" rocker switch
         Contoured, well-balanced handle
         Non-slip rubber backed based with 90 degree rotation
         UL Listed; Made in USA 
    Note: The HG-501A is a heavy duty industrial heat gun which has a built in stand to keep unit in a safe upright position.   
    1680 Watts
    120 Volt



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  • HG-501A-35245 Attachments

    HG-501A-35245 Attachments

    3 piece Attachment Kit for the HG-501A Master Heat Gun.
       Shrink Attachment for tubing up to 3/4"
       2 1/4" Spreader
    7/8" Reducer




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  • HG-1-OCY Economy Heat Gun

    HG-1-OCY Economy Heat Gun

    The HG-01 Economy Heat Gun will shrink PVC, POF, PET, or PP film uniformly and tighly around objects to produce form-fitting tamper proof packages
    Best for low shrink wrapping volume
    Two temperature settings - Low is 6000F-7000F and High is 9000F-11000F
    UL Listed
    Note:  When heat gun is not in use, it is best to play it on its heel so that the nozzle is pointing up for proper cooling.   
    1200 Watts
    120 Volt

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  • 3 Item(s)