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The PT2020-UTS is NitechIPMs flagship stretch wrapper.  The 2020 has 7" color touch screen up to 10 modifiable programs, and automatic load detection.  Fits either to 20" power pre-stretch or the 30" Unitension System (UTS).

More about the Unitension System (UTS).
The fixed ratio UTS power pre-stretch system is available with constant tension spring dancer and has incorporated a quick-threading cage. Simply open the cage, pull the film across the front of the unit and close the cage. The film is automatically threaded around the urethane stretch rollers, idler rollers and dancer. A plexiglass safety shield protects the operator from rotating rollers. Stretch ratios of 200%, 225%, 250% and 300% are available with the UTS film delivery.


  • 3/4 HP DC Motor (Totally enclosed fan cooled)
  • Heavy-duty direct drive gearbox w/ 2 1/4” output
  • Variable speed 0-12 RPM with soft start and soft stop
  • 4-point caster supports (1,800lb. capacity each)
  • Lubrication free enclosed gear drive design
  • Synthetic lube in all gearboxes (-30 to 120 degrees)
  • Turntable indexing home alignment
  • 48” octagon turntable with 6” safety skirt
  • 6,000 lb. (2700kgs) load capacity
  • Standard load diagonal = 80” (2032 mm) With extended base = 128” (3251 mm)
  • Standard load height = 77” (1956 mm) With HI-SLIDE = 120/130” (3048 mm)
  • Forklift portable from front and rear
  • Up to 30” (762mm) film width
  • Photo-electric load height sensor
  • Micro computer control
  • Cycle pause control
  • Automatic & Manual belly banding
  • 115 volts 50/60Hz 20 Amp service
  • Industrial powder coated paint finish


  • Integrated scale
  • Hi-slide telescoping mast for tall loads
  • Auto-cut film at end of cycle
  • Oversized turntables 65” and 72”
  • Split or extended base
  • Dual turntable
  • Top compression platen for unstable loads
  • Heater option for PLC operation in cold weather.  Recommended use 32F and below


PT20/20-UTS Stretch Wrapper

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