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FS Sealers

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The FS Hand Impulse Sealers are easy to operate. Just set the timer, insert the bag between the sealing bars, then press down and release. We recommend you hold the sealing arm down for an additional couple of seconds to ensure time for the seal to set and the element to cool.

Download Spec Sheet: BCU FS Hand Sealers


Choose an option
FS Sealers - FS-100 4in 2mm
FS Sealers - FS-200 8in 2mm
FS Sealers - FS-205 8in 5mm
FS Sealers - FS-300 12in 3mm
FS Sealers - FS-305 12in 5mm
FS Sealers - FS-400 16in 3mm
FS Sealers - FS-405 16in 5mm
FS Sealers - FS-500 20in 3mm
FS Sealers - FS-505 20in 5mm
FS Sealers - FS-600H 24in 2.8mm
FS Sealers - FS-800H 32in 2.8mm
FS Sealers - FS-1000H 40in 2.8mm

FS Sealers

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FS-100 4in 2mm, FS-200 8in 2mm, FS-205 8in 5mm, FS-300 12in 3mm, FS-305 12in 5mm, FS-400 16in 3mm, FS-405 16in 5mm, FS-500 20in 3mm, FS-505 20in 5mm, FS-600H 24in 2.8mm, FS-800H 32in 2.8mm, FS-1000H 40in 2.8mm

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