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TISF Foot Sealers

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The TISF Series Foot Sealers are our most popular foot sealer. They come in 3 seal lengths with 2mm or 5mm seal widths. These sealers allow you to seal 15-20 bags per minute.
Comes with a 26″ pedestal stand and includes an adjustable work table and adjustable foot control for sit down operation. An optional 36″ pedestal is available for stand up operation.

Plug-in electronic timer for variable control
All metal construction
Heavy duty
No warm-up time
Sits on rectangular stand for stability

Easy to operate.
Set the timer, insert the bag, press down on the foot board. Hold down the foot board for an additional 2-3 seconds after the timer light goes off so the seal has time to set.

Download Spec Sheet: BCU TISF Foot Sealers


Choose an option
TISF Foot Sealers – TISF-302 12in 2mm
TISF Foot Sealers – TISF-305 12in 5mm
TISF Foot Sealers – TISF-452 18in 2mm
TISF Foot Sealers – TISF-455 18in 5mm
TISF Foot Sealers – TISF-602 24in 2mm
TISF Foot Sealers – TISF-605 24in 5mm

TISF Foot Sealers

Weight 44.5625 lbs